Happiest Place In The World To Live

The mirage of the Canadian dream is more discrete than the American one, but it still fascinates and attracts thousands of immigrants every month. Canada is the only country still willing to accept a number of immigrants in equivalent with 1% of its population every year. So Canada is considered the happiest place in the world to live.

From 2001, the population of Canada increased with 5.5%. it has 31 million citizens, on a huge surface. 80% of people live in urban areas.

Happiest Place In The World To Live

The most populous regions are Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. The immigrants represent 20% of the population, with Toronto attracting 40% of those. the majority of immigrants come from China, but there are people from all over the world. The number of immigrants is huge not only because the laws for immigration in Canada are pretty permissive, but also because the country is one of the best places to live in the world. Well, there might be some other places good for visiting, but if we are talking about establishing with your family in a new place to start a new life, then Canada must be your goal.

History of Canada

The most intense immigrations were recorded back in 1900. It is amazing to find out that the population of Canada grew 10 times only in a few years back then. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans hoping for a better life immigrated here because of poverty. Italians are a solid community in Canada, which had an immense need of workforce back then.

For example, the trans-Canadian railroad was built with the work of thousands of Chinese workers. The life of immigrants was never easy. a family had to work 5 years to raise the money required to leave. However, since 1900, the conditions were greatly improved here, and today, the Canadians are some of the best paid employees in the world.

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Why is Canada the best?

Besides the unemployment that is practically close to zero, Canada also has the best universities in the world. Moreover, the immigrants today come from the poorest countries in the world, making Canada a refuge for people that don’t have any other chance in life.

Many immigrants never visited a prosperous country, so they don’t have another term of comparison. Once they arrive here, they are convinced that they are in a dream country like no other, and they are not far from the truth. Maybe the United States is better from some points of view. but Canada has the lowest criminality in the world, one of the best average wages, and some of the best social care facilities. The level of corruption is also low, and the social inequalities are not as preeminent as they are in the neighbored country. Another advantage is the fact that Canadians can travel in USA whenever they want, with no visa. In some ways, those two countries resemble, as they had about the same developing way, but there are also major differences that must be considered by any person that wants to immigrate to Canada.

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