Much Needed Cures For Hangovers. Find Out What They Are

After a long party, many drinks and too much food, we can expect some problems of the digestive system, and also a huge…hangover. Lets find if we can pull up any cures for hangovers.

If you wake up after a party with a headache, nausea and stomach burns, you should eat 7-8 strawberries. If you can’t find strawberries, boil a banana peel in water and drink the liquid. You can also squash 10 green olives, and mix those with sugar. The mixture must be boiled for 10 minutes.

Other natural remedies

It is true, the best and fastest solution would be a juice made of oranges. However, oranges can also be the solution for indigestion given by alcohol and food. Besides that, you can buy some oranges, as you need to eat one every four hours until the hangover disappears.

When you feel like throwing up, you need to boil the peel of six oranges in 250 milligrams of water. Drink one cup once every hour, but pay attention. If you cough or vomit blood, you should avoid oranges. Here are other natural cures for hangovers!

Pharmacy products made of natural ingredients

Well, we can’t trust the pharmaceutical manufacturers when it comes to “natural” products, but as long as the next medicines are made of plants, we can recommend those to you if you are looking for a method to get rid of a hangover. If you prepare for a long night and you know that you will have problems the next day, maybe it is important to have some things around your house.


It is a nutritive supplement made of artichoke. It is a digestive tonic which regulates the functions of the liver, it regulates the level of cholesterol and it eliminates alcohol from the body. You need to take 3-5 tablets before the big party. It has a regulatory function if the liver, which is mostly affected when you drink.

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica reduces the nausea, treating the effects of alcohol. You need to keep it under your tongue, and the effects of drinking will disappear after 1-2 hours.

Smecta is a powder of smectitis, a substance that covers the intestinal walls, fixing the digestive gases and reducing the sensitivity of the mucosa. It is recommended for people suffering from diarrhea, a common effect of excessive drinking. It also reduces the effects of alcohol. It is great if the party does not last for more than two hours. Smecta can’t replace liquids, so make sure to consume a lot of water before the party.


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