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Hot Singer Gwen Stefani Will SHOCK You After You See Her Wearing This

The hot Gwen Stefani spent a vacation jetting around Europe in her sexy new bikini with her family, before she returned home to London at the weekend. Gwen Stefani bikini made sure it soaked up as much sun as possible on the last day of her summer break. She was spotted lounging around on board a speedboat in a hot pink bikini in France.
The singer spent her final day of vacation trying to catch some rays before taking a dip in the ocean.
gwen stefani bikini

Stefani and her family enjoys the afternoon aboard a beautiful Riva boat in the south of France.
gwen stefani bikini

Gwen Stefani bikini pics while vacationing in Miami, Florida. Her sexy legs are one of her biggest assets.

The gorgeous singer can never shy away from the spotlight, especially looking as stunning as this…

GWEN STEFANI in Bikinis on the Beach in Miami
GWEN STEFANI in Bikinis on the Beach in Miami
GWEN STEFANI in Bikinis on the Beach in Miami
GWEN STEFANI in Bikinis on the Beach in Miami

In the 90’s being the lead singer of the band “No Doubt” has made her who she is.

Known for wearing her crop top t-shirts showing off this rock hard abs, none of us can ever forget this. This was her signature clothes accessory.

She was recognized for having the best legs in the industry, as you can see right here while on the David Lettermen Show’ in 1996.

11-months after giving birth to her second child, her killer abs are back in form.

Stefani posing in her skin tight sexy red mini-dress.

How old is Gwen Stefani? Born in 1969, she is currently 45-years old in the present year of 2015. She is a proven fact at this age she refuses to let it affect her physique. This pics proves she hasn’t aged not one bit.
She maybe the only celeb to get away with going out with her hair messy.

Look at her…Still looks amazing even if it look like she hasn’t had time to brush her hair.

Still showing that flat board of a stomach and those guns.


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