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Guy At Bus Stop Cheats Death Moments Before This Happens

How many people do you know who have cheated death? Lets take a look into really what this phrase means. It is most commonly used to describe the manner in which a person avoids a possibly fatal event or who prolongs their life in spite of the unthinkable odds. It may be a person cures themselves from cancer or any other life-threatening disease. Or even if a person slips off of a cliff, shot or stabbed multiple times. The truth is you will not find too many people in this world who has cheated death. So I guess it is a good circumstance if we do have a chance in catching someone cheating death caught on camera. Maybe people will appreciate life more if this happened to all of us, or maybe not! But this guy at a bus stop definitely had an angel by his side this very day. Watch and see him waiting patiently at the bus stop, then suddenly he decides to walk to his destination instead. Boy, did he make the correct decision because literally seconds later this is what happened…I can’t believe what I just saw!!!

Via: Viraaal

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