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Guy Asks 100 Girls For Sex. You won’t Believe What They Say!

Tides have turned on this one. This is a social experiment where one guy would ask 100 different random woman for sex. The statistics say if you ask 100 people for sex at least one would say YES. This video is set up to see in fact if the theory is correct or not. A guy asks 100 girls for sex in many random places. Lets see how many say YES! You never know what could happen in this experiment. Is this a good way how to get sex or is it a better way how to gain confidence? ¬†You tell me.I Would say their courageous act of going for the gusto and might as well see what happens attitude is pretty ballsy. It is actually quite funny if you asked me. I guess you can say this is a very unusual way how to get sex from a woman if you are a guy, wouldn’t you say?

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Being a shy guy is this a cure on how to gain confidence or helping combat the lurking Fear Of Rejection that mostly all young men have inside of them. Would this be a good way to confront your fear?


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