Guess What Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Net Worth Is

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis Net Worth

Nicole Curtis born in 1976 currently at the age of 38. Curtis is one of the popular show hosting personalities in the United States, a person that had an incredible success, and which also went viral on the internet after her show “Rehab Addict” jump started. Her net worth is estimated, because like other stars, she prefers to keep those details out of the ears of the press, but we can at least estimate as you see down below.
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Curtis showing off her sexy legs in all the hardcore aftermath of rebuilding all those houses.
nicole curtis newinki

According to some “specialists”, Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis net worth is around 5 million dollars. Is it much? compared with other show presenters that are in the business for a longer period, it isn’t but Nicole Curtis had her problems, and this is why she was not able to raise money as others did. Even so, 5 million dollars is a huge sum for the majority of us, so why complain?

Nicole Curtis and “The King” himself NBA super star Lebron James helping out on Rehab Addict show.

Nothing is more appealing to a man when you see a beautiful woman putting in work.

Ms. Curtis looking stunning as always.
nicole curtis sexy legs
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Is Nicole Curtis married or does she have a boyfriend? Nicole says she is married but has not yet revealed her husband’s identity. She currently has a 16-year old son named Ethan from a previous marriage. But the biggest question swarming around today, is Nicole Curtis pregnant? The answer is “Yes”, she is currently pregnant and she was asked to be a surrogate. Hours later, Nicole added to the post to confirm she was joking about acting as a surrogate and is, in fact, expecting! “CLARIFICATION: #sarcasm #notasurrogate,” she wrote.
nicole curtis pregnant

Curtis has been very good at keeping her personal life away from the tabloids. Besides her activity as a reality show presenter, she is also a realtor and an interior designer. She was born in the city of workers, Detroit. To be more precise, she was born in Lake Orion, situated 40 kilometers away from the city, in the metropolitan area. as a child, she admired the classical American houses. She said in an interview that she was impressed about the houses from Flint and Saginaw, and this is when she decided that those properties deserve a lot better. In the late 90’s, she was already licensed as an interior designer, and what better place to start than her own house?

The result was incredible, and people started to ask for her services. A few years later, she was called in Tampa, Los Angeles and Atlanta. It was the most interesting period of her life, according to her own statements, because this allowed her to visit houses from all over America, and to understand the connection between cultural education and the building style of those houses.
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The Success of Rehab Addict
The name of the show might take your thought to a show about people recovering after drug addictions, but the show is in fact about what Nicole likes the most: old houses. For each episode, she takes a house and she restores it completely, using the cheapest methods possible. She is an inspiration not only for other designers, but also for simple people that want to restore their houses without ruining their budgets.

She especially likes the houses that were beautiful once, but which are now left by their owners. She still likes her natal grounds, so the majority of episodes are made in Detroit and Minneapolis, but she can go anywhere in the country if she finds something interesting.
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She especially likes to save the houses that are about to be demolished. Nicole always stated her love for modern architecture, but she says that those must never take the place of the old houses, which are a legacy for America. She also runs a company that designs pillows, shower curtains and other accessories, being proud that all her products are 100% American.

Nicole Curtis showing off her lovely body in near topless two piece bikini while canoeing in local lake.
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