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Player Almost Loses Hand After A Grenade Thrown At Soccer Game. Insane!

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A live grenade explodes during Sepahan vs Al-Ahi soccer game in Iran. Looking to watch the best soccer game over the internet until you come across something stupidly insane like this. The most frightening scene seeing this player pick something up off the ground and then seconds later you see this…

(Huffington Post)

This occurred during an Asians Champions League quarterfinals match between Iranian club Sepahan FC and Al-Ahli SC of Saudi Arabia at Shahr Stadium in Iran. While players and officials were arguing a call, midfielder Sepahan Adel Kolahkaj bent over and picked something off the ground nonchalantly tossing it to the side. And seconds later..BANG!!!
watch the best soccer game

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Watching the video you can see Kolahkaj picking up the small object from the floor while his teammate is arguing a call with the referees. Seconds later you see the explosion. At first, the referees glanced over seeing the burst of flames before immediately taking off running in the other direction.

Kolahkaj, the player who actually picked it up was very lucky he didn’t get injured. The object was later confirmed to be an explosive firecracker of some sort.

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