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Goldie Hawn’s Daughter Shows The World A Whole New Her. LITERALLY!!!

Goldie Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson’ is even more brilliant looking than her mom. Many people don’t realize that Kate Hudson actually has an estranged father and is not the biological daughter of actor Kurt Russell. However, Kate’s biological father, Bill Hudson, has been many interviews lately about Kate Hudson being a cheater just like her mother Goldie Hawn’ was…Lets see what happened.
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goldie hawns daughter

Kate Hudson’s biological father says his daughter Kate Hudson is a cheater just like her mother.

Kate Hudson recently ended her marriage with Matt Bellamy, and was then reportedly making out with Derek Hough a few days later. Because of Kate’s family members getting married so early they say is the cause to her sudden downfall with this rush to get married. Looking this sexy why would you get married so soon if you are not 100% for sure?
kate_hudson sexy legs



Anyways, Kate Hudson’s biological father told Life & Style Magazine, “Kate has a wandering eye, just like her mother. Kate grew up in an environment where her mother was this exotic, glamorous creature. It makes sense that she equates love with excitement.” While she vacations in her sexy bikini catching some rays down below…
kate hudson bikini



Goldie Hawn at the age of 69-yrs old showing off her incredible figure while wearing yoga pants leaving from gym while her daughter deals with split from fiancé Matt Bellamy.


In 2010 Kate and Matt Bellamy began dating fresh in love, immediately Kate becoming pregnant in the next few months which ignited their engagement in April 2011.




Kate Hudson Flaunts Her Insane Bikini Bod in a Nude Bikini.

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Either way the sexy hot actress Kate Hudson’ is not perfect by any means like the rest of us. Stories can be fabricated to an extent, so regardless it still does not stop her from looking as smoking hot as in these photos.
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