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Whether You Believe In Global Warming Or Not, Our World Is In Trouble. You Need To See This.

Whether you believe Global Warming is an issue or not, it is the highest challenge of the human race. Global Warming is indeed 100% real! Our planet earth is heating up and a tremendous rate as we speak. I’m not saying all of these natural facts occurring down below are the cause of humans, but these unnatural occurrences are happening all of the world. The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new record high in 2013, caused by a surge in levels of carbon dioxide. Take a look at these chilling facts.
Some scientists say in the last 200 years, humans are the cause of the rising global temperature. The temperature has raised 1.4 degrees since the early 20th century.


According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, global warming is likely to cause salmon and trout to disappear from streams all across the United States. Why? Salmon and trout thrive in streams with temperatures of 50 to 65 degrees and the projected rapid increase in water temperature might have these fish extinct by the end of the century.


Massive amount of dead fish have been washing ashore all the way from California coast to New Jersey coast and now it is happening in other countries. In September 2014, large amounts of dead fish and sick fish have been found in the Baltic sea off coast of Sweden, Finland, Germany. Experts do not know the reason for this abnormal unexpected high number if dead and sick fish in this region. Is it common sense our planet is heating up?


Heavy pollution in many parts of the world have been harmful to our planet as well. In China’s Inner Mongolia Region a park was built near by a lake where the sewage discharges directly into the lake. In July 2014, tens of thousands of birds were found dead because of the sewage discharging into the lake. Most of these birds were rare birds under the national protection level. The human race have not been helping the cause of global warming and many factors like this are not helping.


In September 2014, seven sperm whales stranded and four of them died on the beach of Punta Penna, Italy. In the past it was very easy to prevent the death of these type of sperm whales until today.



Over the past 100 years sea levels have been rising at an average rate of 1.7 millimeters per year. Since 1993, the average rate has doubled to 3.5 millimeters per year. When the climate temperature increases then water will absorb the heat which causes the ocean to rise. At this rate many say by 2100 major coastal cities like New York, Miami and London will be partially submerged in water if the human race does not change its ways.


In July 2013, a huge chunk of ice broke off in Antarctica from the Pine Island. Pine Island Glacier is one of the largest ice streams in Antarctica but do to seas level it is changing rapidly and thinning at a very high rate.


The sun is definitely not getting hotter, even though it may seem like it. Between 1979 to 2009 the sun has maintained its natural cycle, which nullifies the myth that the sun has been getting hotter. The sun has nothing to do with our planet getting hotter, we are the problem.


Us humans have broken a 800,000 year old record. This could be the longest record ever recorded and most of us don’t even know the history we have made. Due to all of our fossil rule burning our carbon dioxide level is the highest it has ever been in the last 800,000 years.


The number of record high temperatures across the world have been increasing, while the number of record low temperature has been decreasing since the 1950’s.

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Anyone who is unsure what burning fossil fuel exactly means it is basically how we get gas to run our vehicles, to make electricity for our homes, to run our factories and powerplants. We burn so much fossil fuel because it is the easiest way to transport it, so that means it is the easiest way for us to make a buck. Welcome to capitalism! Some of us are aware of this situation and some of us are not, but no of us can hide from the fact our planet is heating up at a record level. Our generation my not be affected, but what about our children’s generation and their kids? Maybe for starters we can all spread the word by us all having more AWARENESS of the truth what is really going on with our planet. Then maybe we ALL do something  together so we can change the future for our children. Please share this with all your friends on Facebook. Hope you like this article.

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