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Girl Asks 100 Guys For Sex. You Will Not Believe What They Had To Say

See What This Girl Asks These Guys

If you were a girl could you imagine the percentage of guys saying “Yes” and the downfall of the guys saying “No?” Could you imagine asking 100 guys for some thing like this if you were a woman?  If you were a female? The Boldness of the situation is mind blowing to try an experiment like this. Look and see what happens..

What Is Confidence
Tables are usually turned in this atmosphere. You talk about a crazy experiment! Talking about being bold on a girl’s perspective. We can say the boldness of this girl having the audacity to do such a thing is a great experiment and learning process to the shy peeps out there. What is confidence for all the young men and women out there? This is how to gain confidence doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl. The Boldness of this ballsy experiment can help fight against the Fear Of Rejection. What do you have to lose? This is a great confidence builder for the shy crowd. Might as well dive right in and find out how to gain confidence the old fashion way. Here it is! This woman asks up to 100 guys if they are willing to have we will say “the extreme” with her and I can’t wait for you to see their reactions. How does she feel after she is rejected? If she was rejected? Lets see.

What if you were a woman asking 100 guys for sex for an experiment? How would you feel? What is confidence…To be blunt and direct like this?

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What Is The Definition Of Confidence? Is This How To Gain Confidence? Is This Something You Might Do?



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