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Believer In Ghosts Or Not…What The F*@k Is This. Seriously?

I remember so clearly when I was about 13-years old my older sisters and some friends decided to play the Wiji Board. For those who are not familiar with this board game, a quick run down is you basically talk to spirits through a board game. Back to what I was saying, I was in a room at my child home I grew up in while my sisters and friends were playing the wiki board. They asked whatever spirit or ghost or whatever it was to prove he was real…Seconds later the candle blew out and we all scattered out of the room like someone threw a grenade in the middle of the room. For some reason I can never get that childhood moment out of my head. But this video is much more freakier than that.

What in the heck was that little black cloud looking thingy strolling across the sidewalk. It seemed like the image thought he was human for a second, thinking he was going into the open door. Whatever that was, please someone explain.

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