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10 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever.

Before you plan to venture out on that next travel trip, here are some genius travel tips that may make your life a whole lot easier. We all know traveling can sometimes be a huge pain in the butt, so we gathered some of these nifty inexpensive travel tips in hopefully lightening your load the next time you travel.

1.) Keep loos chargers and all other cables organized with a glasses case. The worst pet peeve is scrabbling through your purse or pocket pulling out wires that are tangled around everything you own.


2.) Using straws to carry your skin care products is a great way to preserve a whole lot of space in your purse.


3.) Try putting a dryer sheet on the bottom of your suitcase so your clothes come out feeling so fresh and so clean. Nothing can be worse getting to your final destination and opening up your suitcase to a mildew smell. This trick will do wonders.


4.) Use a spring from an old pen to prevent the nagging issue of your charger bending and breaking.


5.) Grab a loose binder clip and put on the head of your razors to protect them. You don’t want any loose hairs and lint getting in them.


6.) Using tissue paper is a wonderful way preventing your clothes from getting wrinkled.


7.) Nothing is more nagging and irritating than searching through your purse trying to find that one pill, earring or bracelet. Use a pill container to keep your headaches away for good.


8.) Once again, you don’t want to be searching for a hair clip through all of your belongings, so keep hair clips in a tic tac container to save the day.


9.) Turbulence can be an uneasy feeling to some of us. Well, it is proven sitting near the wing of the plane you will experience less turbulence, because the plane has more structural support where the wing is at. So you will experience less bounce!


10.) Wait to buy airline tickets until 3p.m. on Tuesdays because this is usually the time Big Airlines drop their airfare price to compete with the discount airlines such as Southwest. So if you want to save money, try this money saving trick.

I hope these easy travel tips make your trip a whole lot easier and hopefully a whole lot more refreshing. Share these tips with all your friends on Facebook before they catch that next flight.

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