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This Is Not How A Man Suppose To Act On A Roller Coaster Ride With Girlfriend…So FREAKIN Funny

You know how us “men” do it, showing off those manly suave leadership “David and Goliath” role, where each of us hairy chested men whispers in our significant other’s ear telling them,”I got you, don’t ever worry about anything with me by your side!” Yeah right, until you are in the moment of the real sh@*t going down, is when our true colors come shining through.
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This is a prime example of the real sh@*t going down as a Malaysian man decided to go for a spin with his honey bun on a slingshot roller coaster ride. In the beginning the strong macho man is seen calming his girl down right before take-off, and then the sh@*t hits the fan. The poor guy goes into an exorcism demon type personality as something comes out of him never seen before.
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funniest roller coaster ride

From scratching his hair off and half way throwing up almost simultaneously is the most hilarious video you will ever lay your eyes on. Lol!

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