I Experienced The Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded In Japan

Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded In Japan

I am an American while playing baseball overseas in Japan unfortunately I was able to witness many ups and down trying to adjust to another culture. There is pretty much nothing to complain about because I do love the country of Japan, except for only one misfortune I wish I was never apart of while playing baseball over there. I experienced and witnessed the biggest earthquake ever recorded in Japan and the  biggest one I was ever involved in.

March 2011 while playing in a professional spring training baseball game for the Yokohama Baystars after being taken out mid-game is when it all happened. I was underneath the stadium in the locker room when I thought the world was ending. Our initial reaction was to freeze because earthquakes are well known in Japan and usually we experience one at least once or twice per month so it didn’t seem like a big deal, until the shaking didn’t stop and it began to intensify.
I was the first one who bolted out of the locker room ending up in between the pitcher and batter while play was still going on. I worked my way towards the back of second base almost in center field. Everyone thought I was crazy! I literally thought the world was coming to an end. I turned around looking towards the stands while at first glimpse the fans seemed somewhat in a jokingly spirit mood until the herk and jerk began to throw all of us off of our feet. Then I looked up and at the skyscrapers outside the stadium and I thought for sure these buildings are all going down. Swaying back and forth the buildings seemed as they were barely missing from colliding which each other by inches. At this point none of us were able to stay on our own feet. The free spirited crowd began to panic and scream in fear as I thought the entire stadium was on the verge of collapsing.

Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded In Japan

All said and done thank goodness my family was not present at the time and we ALL ended up safe. The country of Japan kept all of us safe. I can vouch for that. Plus the buildings in Japan our now made to withstand even a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that we experienced that day. The buildings all have special rollers attached to them.

At the end of the day I am here to defend all of the backlash Japan may have received especially Fukushima, Japan with all the excessive radiation talk and so forth. I can honestly say all of the american news blew it all out of proportion and made it sound worse than it was. Trust me I was there. Anyways, here is a great uplifting video if you need a smile. Awesome feel good video. Take a look.

For anyone who has not see the original version of Pharrell Williams HAPPY video here it is.


Here is another video recreated earlier in April


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