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Drunk Girl Ruins Wedding And Breaks Bride’s Nose. Unbelievable!

Have you ever been at a wedding and you always notice that token one drunk person who almost ruins the wedding? Well, here is one of those occasions where the “Almost” doesn’t count. This drunk girl ruins this wedding is amazing to see. She seems to be fine until you see towards the middle of the video she starts to use the pillar of the tent as a stripper pole and you can figure out the rest. You got to see this! My stomach hurts from laughing and simultaneously feeling bad for the bride. You will see why.

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This drunk girl ruins wedding and gives the bride a bloody nose. What a headline? Imagine if you were the actual drunk girl waking up the next morning? How would you feel? Do you think she remembered everything? Look at the bride’s nose with blood oozing out. Unbelievable! I feel so bad for the bride that day especially when it was a day she was suppose to remember for the rest of her life. Well, I guess she will remember this for the rest of her life but you know what I am saying. Hopefully, they get re-married and they don’t invite you know who the second time around.

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Take another look at the bride staring at the drunk girl just moments before the disaster.

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