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These 16 Dogs Are More Than A Man’s Best Friend, They Actually Saved Lives.

Not to many people I know out there who do not love dogs. The saying,”A dog is a man’s best friend” is so true. Dogs for some odd reason feel their owner’s inner soul. If you are mad, the dog senses it. If you are in a happy mood, the same thing the dog will sense it. Dogs are so amazing to have around, especially if they are saving lives like these 16 dogs did. Take a look and see the miracles.

1.) Kabang: Shocking picture to look at with half of her face missing but this Philippines dog suffered the injuries due to saving little girls from an oncoming motorcycle.


2.) Zoey: This little chihuahua has a big heart. In result of that big heart little Zoey prevented a rattlesnake from taking a bite at her owner’s infant child. She suffered a bite above her eye but has made a full recovery.


3.) Neo: While his owner was suffering from hypoglycemic shock, the dog ran to where people were nearby and brought them back to his owner where they rushed her to the hospital where she made a full recovery.


4.) Killan: The dog’s owners noticed Killan acting strangely aggressive with their babysitter of their 7-month old son. Because of the strange behavior, the owners left a camera to record the babysitter next time where they discovered their son was being physically and verbally abused. Good job doggy!


5.) Minta: 8-year old Jacob has severe autism making it difficult for him to communicate with others, so it made him by himself where he hardly smiled. Since Jacob has met Minta they are inseparable and Jacaob smiles and his confidence is growing daily.


6.) Roxanne: He owners home caught on fire, so she barked continuously until they woke up where they all made it out safely.


7.) Bandit: This family was babysitting Bandit when someone was sterilizing a hairbrush on the stove and forgot about it all night leaving it on the stove, causing a fire. The dog woke up and smelled the smoke and notified the family before the fire burned down their house.


8.) Honey: Her and her owner’s car flipped over on its back and Honey squeezed out of the tiny opening to get help and brought people back to save her owner’s life.


9.) Meg: She lost her leg due to her previous abusive owner and while staying at pet rescue shelter she kept on whining, staring at ceiling. Later on they discovered these little cute kittens up there.


10.) Belle: Her owner was suffering from a diabetic seizure when she amazingly dialed 911 with her teeth.


11.) Nellie: The beautiful labrador alerted her deaf owner when a burglar broke into their home.


12.) Orlando: In New York city subway Orlando’s blind owner fell on the subway tracks knocking him unconscious as a train was coming. The dog jumped down and laid on top of his owner and saved him.


13.) Patty: Duck hunting with owner this boat capsized and her owner hung onto her tail as she swam them back to shore.


14.) Trakr: He was one of many dogs used to help sniff out 9/11 survivors during the horrific event. Trakr found the last living victim under thirty feet of debris.


15.) Katrina: During hurricane Katrina she saved her owner from drowning in the massive floods. I guess now you can see why she was named “Katrina.”


16.) Rocky: He is a police dog who chased down a burglar and caught him red handed while suffering a bullet wound.


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