Does Chapstick Work? Here Are Some Secrets That Pharmacists Will Never Tell You

Wind, cold weather and the winter in general are factors that might lead to dry lips. So lets tackle the question does chapstick work or not? However, some women claim that chapstick might also dry out the lips, so it is time to make light in this matter.

One of the most efficient remedies for treating dry lips is honey applied on the lips. This works especially for lips “cracked” by wind, but in the case of chapstick, the method also works. However, it is important what kind of chapstick do you use also. Does chapstick work is based upon many factors.

Bad quality chapstick will affect the lips, that is a fact. Lately, there are all kinds of chapsticks that claim to be made of natural products, but in fact, they aren’t so…natural. You can choose to complain to the Consumer Protection, but what would you do with those dry lips meanwhile? Here are some natural remedies that will help you to have the perfect lips you were dreaming about.

Honey and olive oil

This mixture must be applied in equal proportions. Leave it there for 15 minutes, and then remove the composition with a towel.

Milk and Egg

Put a slice of bread in a glass with hot milk, and then add 20 grams of honey, one egg, and three drops of Vitamin A. Apply this mixture on the lips, and leave it there for 20 minutes.

Dr Oz recommends the home made exfoliation cream. It is easy to make, and you need one spoon of sugar, one of sodium bicarbonate and one spoon of olive oil. Each one of those ingredients comes with certain benefits: sugar helps exfoliation, bicarbonate from a cleaning foam, and the olive oil hydrates the lips, making them soft and irresistible.

The marigold

The marigolds are used since antiquity to treat lips problems. It is no wonder that the common marigold cream that we can find in any store or pharmacy is still the most used substance to treat lips problems. This treatment will help the hydrating of sensitive skin, allowing those to regain their natural beauty.

What to avoid

If you want to avoid the chapsticks that dry your lips, you must avoid several substances from those. Camphor, Menthol and Phenol are the substances that dry the lips. Almost all of them contain alcohol, which is another ingredient that dries the lips. It is impossible to avoid those that contain alcohol, but in the case of other ingredients, it is possible to find something menthol free.

Of course, the quality is given by the price. Either way, you should read the labels of the lip balm before buying it. Liking the lips only give a temporary comfort, because the lips dry fast, and then, they will get even worse. If you continue to have problems, please consult a doctor.

As long as women have tens of chapsticks, it is impossible to avoid those with harmful substances. The idea is to use only quality products, and not to over react! If you need it for an important event, use it, but try not to use it as long as it is not absolutely necessary.

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Does Chapstick Work

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