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Dad Dancing With Disabled Daughter At Talent Show Will Blow Your Mind

This has the be one of the world’s best dads. How amazing watching this father to completely take himself out of the equation, when he decided to do a dancing routine for his disabled daughter at a talent show. Spending so much time and effort in making his daughter proud, still has me in tears. I love it! If you are looking for the best father daughter dance songs, then wait no more because here it is. Hearing the Miley Cyrus song “the climb” makes this the perfect father daughter dance song for any occasion.
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The father’s name is Mike Carey dancing with his 12-year old daughter. He didn’t let his daughter’s genetic disorder from stopping dancing in this priceless viral video. What a tearjerker! Mike Carey you see lifts his daughter up in the air so proud twisting and dipping her through the air as if she was in heaven flying around being free. To the perfect ending when the dad is left with a beaming smile on one bended knee. Such an amazing video between a father who has a heart as big as gold. If you are a parent it makes you want to take back all the times you nagged, yelled or been mean to your child because you are having a bad day.

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