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How to Spot and Control Sneaky Credit Card Charges

Controlling Credit Card Fraud.
Some people may feel that they can’t take control of hidden credit card charges. However, the truth is that you can always keep track of such charges by checking your billing statement. In other words, these charges are not hidden per se. if you are able to track and identify them then it becomes simpler to control them before they upsurge and overwhelm you. In the section that follows, you will learn the various ways you can deal with sneaky credit card charges.
Fees relating to credit card transactions
Usually, the issuers of credit cards are required by law to disclose all the fees they will charge their customers. In this regard, you can always track your transactions to identify all the accompanied fees. With the online access to credit card accounts, it is prudent for customers to read through all the disclosures when signing up lest they get surprised by any sneaky charges. Equally, even after signing up, it is important that the customer read every updated terms of use in case there is additional fee.
To succeed in identifying these fees, you would want to look for additional charges regarding balance transfers, cash advances, penalty for late payments, or foreign exchange conversion charges in your transaction history. If you can identify them then you can control their occurrence by controlling your transactions.

Cost of add-ons
Whenever you pay for services online, you should be aware of up sales. In other words, the vender may try to increase your invoice price by introducing additional services for which they have a price tag. Well, you would want to take note of such selling techniques lest your credit card is charged with additional fees without your awareness. Always review your purchase before making the payment. In case add-ons are included in your final purchase without your consent then it would be prudent to report the incident to the Consumer Protect Bureau.
Cost of subscriptions
Uncontrolled subscriptions can be daunting as they sell the credit card charges without the customer noticing. In that regard, you would want to check every transaction for any recurring charges. If it is an intended subscription, you would want to know how much will be charged on your credit card and how frequently will the deductions be. Armed with this knowledge, you can keep track of your subscriptions and control the charges when you are not in need of the services for which you are subscribed. To further reduce the subscriptions, you can shop around for coupons and take advantages of bonuses early enough. It is important that some subscriptions are very made very cheap during special holidays. You would want to make subscriptions during that time if you are to safe on credit card charges.

Using an App to track sneaky charges
Interestingly, you can get instant update of sneaky credit card charges if you track your credit card transactions using a special App. Well, you can try BillGuard App that will help you keep track of sneaky credit card charges automatically. To do it manually, you would want to be checking your billing statement more often.

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