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7 Tigers Living With This Man And His Daughters, Like Pets. You Need To See This.

Most people in the world have cats, dogs or maybe a bird. I guess this man doesn’t believe in having small pets. Ary Borges lives in Brazil with his three daughters, absolutely loves tigers as you can see. When you think of the word “tiger” immediately you may be saying to yourself,”I hope the tiger is locked up.” But not in this case, Ary encourages his family to interact with these oversized man-eaters.

Ary seems to have a family of ten now, three children and seven tigers live among them.


The oversized cats are allowed to roam around the house just like any other pet would do.


He has no fear with being around tigers, he says if you show respect to them then they will give you the same in return.


Mostly everyone who knows about this thinks this man is crazy for letting these man-eaters live like this so close to his family.


He rescued a few tigers from a circus. Take a look how much he loves them, having the balls to do something like this.


He says he never worries about his family interacting with these tigers. Ary states,”I never worried about my daughters co-existing with these animals.”

One of his daughter’s seen here taking their usual swim in their pool.


We all know how vicious these animals can be at times, but these tigers treat these humans like close friends.


Oh yeah, they have other pets as well such as a Chihuahua. So cute isn’t it?


There is nothing like sitting in the living together with your family watching a movie with an oversized tiger laying on the middle of the floor.


Would you do this if you were a parent? I don’t think so!
Daily Mail
I have been to the zoo many times and I am frightened by any of the animals that seem like they have direct access to us human beings. Share this unusual pet story with your friends on Facebook.

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