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Wacky Crazy Sports Never Seen Before Like This. Weird Sports Still Exist

Wacky Sports

Japanese pole toppling game is like no other. Trying to find what is at the top of the list of Weird Crazy Sports, here it is. I would say it is a combination of american football, rugby and wrestling all meshed into one big hole of “Toppling!” Seeing wacky sports like this takes the all time cake on my list of being most bizarre.. The guys start off being huddled up together around a long post centered directly in the middle. When ready the opposing team comes barreling in like they are going to war. Then see for yourself what happens next. I guess first one who is at the top after post comes tumbling down is selected the “winner.” You decide.

“Bo-Taoshi” is the actual name in Japanese meaning “Take pole down.” The japanese pole toppling game for sure takes the rank to the top of the list for number one wacky sports of all time. This game has been played for over 50 years and the rules are pretty simple. The opposing team needs to get to the top of pole and bring it down in a certain time period. That’s it. I guess Crazy Sports do exist across the globe and weird sports will continue to grow in other countries.

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Wacky Sports

wacky sports

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