Visit The Most dangerous Mountain In The World!

Most dangerous Mountain In The World

It might seem like Everest is the most dangerous mountain in the world, simply because it is the highest. Conquering it is the dream of every alpinist, but in fact, Everest is not as dangerous as other locations in the world. Some other mountains are harder to climb, even if they are not as high as the Everest. For example, in China, the Huasan Monastery is situated on one of the five sacred mountains of the country. The mountain has five tops, with the highest of them having a height of 2160 meters. It is known as the Huasan Monarch, and it is the favorite one for the extreme hikers. The only way to reach it is a 15 kilometers path with a single support chain.


Starting the journey

If you calculate that 15 kilometers means 3-4 hours of walking, you are wrong. You will need a great physical condition and no fear of heights if you want to try this adventure. The hiking begins at the Stairs of the Sky, which are sculpted in the mountain. They have solid chains for sustaining, and they become more abrupt as you get closer to the top of the mountain.

The Crest of the Back Dragon is the next objective, which is reached on a narrow path. From there, you will descend on another path through the Jinsud crossing. From here, you have two options: to climb the mountain directly, or to choose the long and dangerous road on the West side. There is a tele-chair here that will make your life easier, but the real adventurers prefer to walk on the dangerous path to the southern top.

The most extreme experience

The most dangerous part of the journey is Changkong Zhan, where the locals secured a part of the path with wooden planks. However, stepping on those is one of the most dangerous things to do. The planks are manually made, and sometimes you will feel those trembling under your feet.

What makes it the most dangerous mountain in the world is the traffic it presents on two pathways. Wind and rain will increase the difficulty. Moreover, some people come here prepared for a walk in the park, when in fact, professional equipment is required.

Why should you try it even if it is so dangerous?

If you can reach the Southern side, you will have an incredible view of the surrounding mountains, and also the Yellow River under your feet. If you climb during the night on the Eastern side, you will be blessed with an incredible sunrise. Here, you can also visit the Chentuan statue and the Sanmao cave.

If you survive to the way back, the locals will offer you the local delight named “yang rou pao mo”, which is a goat soup. There is also the jelly beam with vinegar and the garlic pasta with chili sauce.

Most dangerous Mountain In The World

Besides this dangerous trip, there are many other things to do in the Shaaxi province, especially if you are interested about the history of the most populous country in the world.

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