9 Celebrity Success Stories That May Make You Shed A Tear

Are you thinking these celebrities were handed things all their lives, and you are not capable in doing the same as these famous people on television? Well, here are some of the best celebrity success stories that may change your minds. Going from rags to riches, these few celebrities will shed a light on chasing the life you have always desired. Believe it or not, most celebrities were not born into the glitz and glamour. Most of them went through rough childhoods and had to earn their way through life the hard way. Learning HARDWORK is the only cure in attaining your goals in life. It is the only way to attain what you want in life. HARDWORK will always pay off! Lets see the truth.
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1.) Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey can mostly afford anything he desires in life. But he wasn’t always in this predicament growing up as a child. He spent many years of his adolescence living with his family in a VW van. As years past, he moved on to live in a tent on his sister’s front yard lawn. Look at his success now after struggling with homelessness for the longest time.

2.) Celine Dion

Celine Dion had a very rough life growing up. Before winning all of her Grammy Awards as a great singer, Dion grew up poor being one of fourteen children in her Canadian family. Her husband mortgaged their home to pay for the release of her first album. Perseverance always past off.
3.) Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg grew up in Boston, where South Boston was a tough neighborhood to grow up in. Wahlberg dropped out of school at the age of 14 chasing after petty crimes, drugs and alcohol. His defining moment in his life was when he served time in jail for assault. This was the time in his life when he decided to change his life around. I guess you can say he came a long ways from that moment.
4.) Leonardo DiCaprio

The 39 year old actor Leonardo DiCaprio was not always such a stand out lead actor. Growing up he was exposed to drug use, prostitution, crime and violence while living in rough area near Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. He describes his old neighborhood like a scene out of “Taxi Driver” show. At the age of 15 he went up to his mom and said,”I want to be an actor, so please take me to acting lessons.” You can say the rest was history.
5.) Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey grew up in a poverty stricken small farm in Mississippi with her grandmother and her single mother. When Oprah was 9 years old she was sexually assaulted by a near relative. Besides this devastating point in her life she decided to persevere and become the great Oprah Winfrey we all know.
6.) Jay-Z

Jay-Z grew up in the rough Marcy Housing Projects in Brooklyn. In his early childhood he made a living selling drugs and now turned his life around to be one of the most successful celebrities in the world.
7.) Sean “Diddy” Combs

Sean Combs is recognized all over the world as being one of the great music moguls in history. He grew up in the projects in Harlem. Diddy’s father was killed in a drug related shooting. Instead of being riddled in guilt and despair, he persevered to own his record label and many other obvious great business ventures.
8.) Halle Berry

Halle Berry was raised by a single mother in Ohio, like the rest of these stars she dealt with a hard life as well. She spent most of her childhood in and out of homeless shelters in New York.
9.) Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise had to deal with an abusive father living in upstate New York. Presently, Cruise’s net worth is around $270 million.
After reading all of these great inspirational stories we can all agree, we all bleed the same color blood and if we want something bad enough in our life then we can achieve it. Dream Big!

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