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10 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Have Fake Twitter Followers

It is noted that our own president of the United States Barrack Obama’ has 71% fake twitter followers. The President has around 19 million twitter followers and close to 13 million are bogus. And the least authentic personality of the celebrity twitter world is Kim Kardashian who unexpectedly has the highest rate at 43% of legit followers of these top 15 celebrities down below. Take a look.

Kim Kardashian Has A Total Of 19% Of Fake Twitter Followers.
twitter followers

facebook likes
twitter followers

Famous Singer Rapper Nicki Minaj’ Comes In Second At 24% Fake Followers.

Singer Rihanna Has 35% Fake Followers.
If you want to be always updated to the world’s latests, then Twitter is the best way for you to go. Here, you will surely not left behind even a second to all trending topics in fashion, commerce, show business and all areas that interest most of us.
It’s truly amazing how drastic is the growth of this social media service and how people gladly and warmly embrace whatever it has in store for them. The latest is the opportunity of any user to dramatically increase the number of their followers, or those people who will receive their tweets and updates all the time. So, If you are into making your account as we talked about, then simply grow your followers as they will surely keep on buzzing around everything about you. So if you want to share to world, all updates on you then you can use these simple yet result – oriented ways.

As you can see Famous Singer Katy Perry’ is at 36% fake followers.

twitter followers
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Lady Gaga is in the middle of the pack of the list at 27%.

Justin Bieber is number five on the list

Skakira is one of the highest at 35%.

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One of the options which is very effective in a sense is to buy your followers online. You will greatly be surprised to know that even the number of companies offering services like this are also abruptly expanding, meeting the high demand of the folds of millions of users of Twitter across the globe. Another way is to make your account more accessible. I am not saying that you don’t have to impose restrictions at although. What I’m pointing out is you can have add – ons to your account that will make anyone easily view or follow what you want them to know. You can add links, tabs or anything like that. You have to be very keen also of your profile picture as that will give them the first impression about you. Thus, you have to appear friendly and vibrant to the mob. With the good profile pic, also give out good vibes and somehow be an inspiration to your twitter followers. You might not know it but you can somehow make up their day. They will re tweet what you posted inviting more and more followers for you. Be also a follower yourself! How will you broaden your scope if you are just into making anyone follow you and you are not following at all? Follow most importantly those who are new users so that you will get the idea of those people who you share the same interest, the same personalities. This way you will be assured that you are creating a larger network of your own. No matter how you will do it, at the end of the day it’s yourself that you are going to pleased.

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