Why Are Celebrities Paid So Much?

Why Are Celebrities Paid So Much

Why Are Celebrities Paid So Much?

As surprising as it might seem, the Hollywood stars and the famous singers don’t make all their money from their main activity. On the contrary, there are stars making 10 million a year from singing or acting, and 150 more millions from other activities. What could those activities be? Let’s see.

Why Are Celebrities Paid So Much


An image sells. No matter if we are talking about an actor or a sport icon, their image associated with drinks, foods, large store chains or cosmetic products are a guaranteed success. Companies fight for getting the signature of some worldwide recognized stars, because their image brings immense profits. Popularity determines the payment, and some stars are paid 10 or even 20 million dollars for a commercial! Well, besides filming a publicity spot, those stars also have some other obligations, but nobody complained that the work for the sponsor is hard.


Why Are Celebrities Paid So Much

We often see elegant actresses creating their own fashion lines and perfumes, and we know many sportsmen implied in businesses with sports equipments. As long as they made the money to start such a business, why not? Besides the obvious connections, such as a sport star implied in selling sports equipment or a singer opening his or her own record label, there are some unusual combinations that is why celebrities paid so much. The rapper 50 cent made 50 million from music and…250 million dollars from his bottled water brand, which is one of the most popular in America.


When a star is invited to a national show, he or she will probably go only for the publicity, but when a new show wants to make a name by inviting stars, they will have to pay those stars. Those contracts are not to be neglected. Some stars charge $10 000 per one five minute apparition in a show, so those additional incomes for stars can be pretty rewarding!

Real Estates are another area in which people with money can succeed. What is good for the stars is that they actually give value to the house they own. When Steven Spielberg or Beyonce buys a house in Hollywood, the value of the house will explode immediately after being bought, because of the new…owner! Real Estate agents know that a house that belongs to a star can be easily sold for good money, because many people want to stay in the house of the Terminator creator.

Why do celebrites get paid so much(Source: UsaToday)

Do we know how much they earn?

It is impossible for reporters and analysts to determine the exact incomes of the stars, especially because those don’t like to talk so much about those. Some might think that they have something to hide, and they might be right, because some of those stars even went to prison because they “forgot” to declare some incomes to the IRS, but generally, they don’t want to talk about it simply because they don’t want to brag. On the other hand, you can tell that they have money when you look at the cars that they drive, or at the houses that they have.

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