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Carmelo Anthony’ Changed The Way His Body Looks Because Of This Reason

New York Knick Star Carmelo Anthony posted a pic on instagram and all his fans were quick to notice how their All-Star had a completely different physique. As you can see he slimmed down noticeably. Anthony is more known for his physical play with his back against the basket wearing down defenders. Players like Kobe Bryant is quick to say Melo is the hardest player for him to guard because of his size. After signing his contract extension with the Knicks this past off-season it looks like Melo is following his good friend Lebron James in losing some weight. Melo is looking to gain speed and take some toll off of his aging joints.
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Carmelo basically owns Madison Square Garden, being the superstar of the New York Knicks throwing up almost 30 points per game. This is probably the reason why the Knicks allow him to have a boxing ring on top of the famous structure with the city’s top amateur boxers on his off day. He says the boxing has helped him slim down considerably due to the fact of getting older and trying to be in top notch shape as I approach the final years of my career. Most importantly he says it helps his hand eye coordination, foot work, and it gives him the competitive edge and drive.

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