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Cameraman Takes Out Usain Bolt After Victory Lap…You Have To See This

Like most sprinters do after they win a race, they usually prance around in their victory lap either with their country’s flag draped all over their body or they skip around in joy while beating their chest in triumph. Well, Usain Bolt did exactly this after winning the gold medal in the 200 meters at the world track and field championships.

While Bolt was taking his latest victory lap in around the stadium with a Jamaican flag wrapped around his neck as the sprinter usually does, a cameraman riding a Segway scooter ran over the human cheetah while he attempted to finish his victory lap. The cameraman on the segway didn’t notice the protruding trackside camera rail causing the scooter to veer abruptly to the right and clipping the legs up from under the helpless sprinter.

Bolt, who was obviously taking by surprise fell backward, landing directly on the cameraman then ending up finishing off the fall with a backwards roll returning to his bare feet.

Bolt jokingly stated, “He took me out, “The rumor I’m trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off.”
Gatlin’s response was witty: “I want my money back. He didn’t complete the job.”

Gatling had the fastest times of the season in both the 100 and the 200 this year. He still was no match to the fastest man in the world as Bolt crossed the finish line in 19.55 seconds, with Gatlin in second in 19.74. Gatling quoted: “He came through when it was time to come through.”
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Bolt continued to be humorous by saying: “He just fixed my injury,” Bolt said. “I had problems with my joints, and he just helped me to sort that out pretty much.”

Via: The Fumble

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