Brussels Museum Shooting: Four Dead and anti-Semitism brought Into Attention Again

brussels museum shooting



A gunman shot four people in the Jewish Museum in Brussels, with calm and without any emotion, showing us how dangerous anti-Semitism is today. It was deduced that the gunman lived not far from where the shooting had taken place, and had reportedly purchased a couple of AR-10 rifles from a store of the same locality. In Europe, street shootings are not as common as they are in America, but when they do happen, they show us how dangerous extreme movements are. One of the most radical movements is the one against Jews, and this attack shows that those organizations become stronger and stronger.

brussels museum shooting
The rise of Neo-Nazis
The attack happened one week before the elections for the European Parliament, which was won by the far right parties in France, UK, Greece and even Germany. Well, the neo-Nazis didn’t won in all those countries, but they are seen as strong and supported groups that we can fear.

The new-Nazis are speaking publicly against the Jews and the rise of those parties look a lot like the one of the Nazi Party in Germany during the 30’s.

This inclination of common people to sympathize with the Nazi party is completed with the increasing number of strong Islamic organizations that are founded everywhere in Europe, which have the same ideas about the Jewish communities.

brussels museum shooting
What happened in Brussels?
Security cameras show that the killer removed a Kalashnikov rifle from a bag, shooting everyone in plain sight, and leaving the museum in less than two minutes. He was a cold blooded killer that always knew what he was doing, and which showed no remorse in killing random people.

A Jewish couple, a French woman that was volunteering at the Museum and a staff member were killed. The Belgian authorities are now in a state of alert, guarding Jewish schools, museums and other objectives with hundreds of soldiers and police officers. Intelligence says that other attacks might occur in Western Europe against Jews.

The Muslims that will return from jihads in Syria and Egypt might be another problem. There are about 2000 European Muslims fighting in Africa and in the Orient. Some of those will remain there after the war, but the ones that would come back from this traumatic experience might not be able to stop. If they committed atrocities there, there are some chances that they would take their holy war in Europe.

Are the authorities prepared?

The Intelligence might not be able to keep track of all those organizations. Democracy does not allow some techniques of surveillance, so under the cover of privacy protection, the Muslim organizations might expand their “operations” to the Christian communities also.

The Jewish leaders in Belgium were already alert after the Toulouse attack in 2012, which resulted in the death of three soldiers, and of four Jewish people.

It is shocking how well those organizations are prepared, and how they can act in the middle of a civilized city. With strong organizations in Belgium and Western Europe supporting anti-Jewish behavior, and with strong political parties in Greece and Hungary sustaining the same direction, it is likely for the number of attacks to increase soon.

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  • Except it wasn’t nazis (however islam is strikingly similar to national socialism), it is islam and muslims whom are to be solely blamed for the rise in jew-hate and violence on jews in the last decades in the western world. fascist islam is the arch enemy of the jews.

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