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French Model Anais Zanotti Shows The World EVERYTHING

It’s scorching outside and it is the weekend, sounds like a good time to catch some rays at the beach. You will see a numerous amount of girls on the beach in their bikinis trying to get some color on their skin, but have you ever seen something like this? French bikinis must be a new fad or it’s just HER making this the best bikini pic ever.
Who is this gorgeous mystery woman? Her name is Anais Zanotti, born on January 6, 1986 who is currently at the age of 29 years old. She is a french model and a stunt woman.
bikini girls - anais zanotti

Zanotti is actually a certified skydiver as well, while she has been in over 35 magazines over her career such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim, GQ and the Cosmopolitan, etc.
anois zanotti - newinki.com

She sounds like a man’s type of woman, meaning she is a french skydiver with over more than 1000 jumps, she has studied martial arts for over 10 years, she knows how to shoot any type of gun. She does it all and Zanotti makes other bikini girls look like they are out of her class!!!
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What is Zanotti’s height and weight? She is 5’7″ and 116 pounds.
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Here are a few more pics of Hot Anais Zanotti. Are you wondering if this stunning French Italian model has a boyfriend or not? It is not currently known if she currently has a boyfriend right now.
french bikini girls - newinki.com

hot anais zanotti - newinki.com

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Sexy french skydiving playboy model reveals it all in this video photoshoot.


RARE photos of model Anais Zanotti working out in BOOTY shorts. Number one ranked bikini girls you will ever see in our day and age. Must See!!!
anais zanotti - newinki.com


Her martial arts seems to be paying off.
anais zanotti working out - newinki.com
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Watch Zanotti real live skydiving video right here.

Anais Zanotti Skydiving Extreme from Anais Zanotti on Vimeo.


Zanotti has a bright future ahead of her, especially if she continues to looking like that in those sexy french bikinis. I wonder what’s next on the agenda for a high flying gorgeous girl in her career?
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