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Meet The 6’4″ 230lb Miguel Cabrera’ Look Alike 13-Year Old Biggest Little Leaguer On The Planet

I highly doubt there is any other 13-year old on the freakin’ planet who is bigger than this kid. Erick Figueroa is only 13 years old and he is 6-foot-4 229 pounds playing in the Little League World Series. The little league giant is already a twin of the best hitter in the world in Miguel Cabrera. I mean a twin to Cabrera obviously only on the physical comparison and definitely not in the hitting capacity.

Figueroa has a huge size advantage than any other little leaguer in the world. But he shouldn’t feel so bad because he is bigger than most major leaguers as well.
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Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Yasiel Puig is 6-foot-4 235 pounds and the great home run slugger from the Boston Red Sox David Ortiz’ is 6-foot-4 230 pounds. And these two are a few of the biggest players in the major leagues. So now you can see the comparison on big this little leaguer is.

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