Ex-Gang Member Tried To Kill Himself And Now Is One Of The Best Christian Rappers In The World

Murders, killings, drive-bys, you name it whoever you think of anything associated with gangs. Here is a story of a former hard core gang member named Sevin, who was on the streets doing the same things selling drugs, pimping woman and drive-by shooting as well. Known as a ferocious young angry man who had zero remorse and any concern trying to stick around in this earthly world until he faced death eye to eye.
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The 32 year old Sevin, grew up in the Sacramento, CA area now being a christian rapper is solely rapping for the Glory Of God instead of rapping about all the other gang lyrics that spilled out of the old younger angry Sevin. These days Sevin the rapper puts most of his focus on his international ministry and musical collaboration known as HOGMOB. Hog Mob stands for HOOK’D ON GOD MINISTRY OVA BIZNESS. Sevin is also the founder of HogMob industries.
His debut album at the age of 17 “All Or None” was a strong nationwide release and you still can purchase it at any of you local christian book stores. After his first release he began touring worldwide. He has traveled on a European Tour where he is able to do his ministering in Canada, Belgium, Jamaica and other parts of Europe. His purpose is trying to bring gospel to the youth all over the streets whomever might not have had the chance to hear about the message of Jesus Christ. He has ministered alongside the famous gospel singer Kirk Franklin as well.
Sevin is considered to be one of the Best Christian Rappers in my books because of his authentic rawness. Meaning he has the sound and grimness of a Tupac Shakur, and the catchy vibe from a Jay-Z. It’s like you can feel all of his pain and misery from his past, as well as his true love for the man upstairs at the same time. CHECK OUT HIS NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO RELEASED IN 2014 DOWN BELOW.

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Watch Sevin’s HERO Video From His Latest Album. May Be His Best Album Ever. Check It Out.


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