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These Are The Best Olympic Butts You Will Ever Lay Your Eyes On

Medals are hard to come by in any sports to try to achieve, especially in something as high-caliber as the Olympics. But one thing is for sure, to be this athletic and hot these olympic female athletes almost have to have the best butts in the world. Maybe we have taken for granted watching these amazing athletes with these toned track butts, while doing things most men or women are not capable of doing. These toned glutei maximi, high-powered athletes at the peak of their game will make it very hard for anyone of us to make a decision on who takes this medal home. Here’s what we came up with.
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The picture of 5’8″ 135lbs Lucimara Silva of Brazil has been spread all over the internet…

She is the definition of “baby got back”…WOW!

It’s amazing how fit these women stay in.

Lets just say this Olympic long jumper probably has zero body fat!!!

This gymnast has an all-around routine on the floor.

American Olympic track star Lola Jones gets in the mix as well.

And you can’t forget about one of the best female beach volleyball players Misty May’ to ever play the game.
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Of course, we still think we can rank these fascinating booties, but we’re just pointing out that it’s not all that easy.

None of these women have made our lives easier by looking as gorgeous as they do. One fact is, guys only watch synchronized swimming for one thing..

You have to remember, these extreme athletes train all year around and now you can see the benefits of all the handwork that payed off…Literally.
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You don’t want to miss the best butts you have ever seen right here.
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