Here Are the Best Beaches in the US That Might Interest You

Looking For Some Of  The Best Beaches In America.
Before the year 2014 draws to the close, you should plan to visit and enjoy the best beaches in the United States of America. Well, you can do yourself a huge favor by allowing yourself to enjoy the experience of sand bathing on the best ranked beaches according to Dr. Beach. Leatherman Stephen, also known as Dr. Beach, is famous for the notorious rankings of the best beaches in the US. I can bet you will find the ranking very useful and the information thereof very representative of the interest of many visitors to these regions. In the section that follows, you will learn a few useful details about these beaches that will help you in decision making the next time you plan to visit any of them.

Duke Kahanamoku Beach of Honolulu, Hawaii
According to the rankings revealed by Dr. Beach, Duke Kahanamoku Beach is the leading beach as the best beach in the year 2014. This represents a huge improvement from the 2013 rankings where it scooped position 2 in the category of the best beaches in the US. Contributing to its impressive features, the Duke Kahanamoku Beach is positioned to the west of the less crowded Waikiki. The small population of the beach makes the area very enviable by most people.
According to Dr. Beach, a beach will qualify to be ranked top among the best beaches depending on a number of factors. In the section that follows, you will learn a number of such factors and how they are Dr. Beach uses these parameters in the ranking of the beaches in the USA.
It is interesting to note that Dr. Beach employs a 50-point criterion in determining how the beach will rank among the best in the US. Different beaches vary in length, temperatures, the softness of the sand, and the scenery of the area. The beaches with such superior features tend to rank higher than the others. Besides these parameters, the strength of the sea waves will also play an important role in the determination of the rank of the best beaches in US according to Leatherman. Well, beaches with low wave are considered safe therefore score higher points in the ranking scale. It therefore follows that low waves are preferable to high waves if the beach is to score well in rankings.

The following is a number of beaches that featured the 2014 list of the best beaches in the US. It is important, however, to mention that the parameters mentioned briefly above were considered by Dr. Beach when assigning the ranking of these beaches. In that regard, the best beaches for the year 2014 include: the barefoot Beach Bonita Springs in Florida, the Hamoa Beach of Maui in Hawaii, the Cape Hatteras beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod of Massachusetts, St. George Island State Park in Florida, the Waimanalo Bay Beach of Oahu in Hawaii and Beachwalker Park of Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

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