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Do You Believe If Ghosts Are Real Or Not: You Decide?

If you have heard of ghosts then chances are that they are either fake or real. Well, if you have real time experiences with ghosts then chances are that they are real or your mind is playing tricks on you. Some communities believe strongly on the existence of ghosts. According to a vote count taken in 2005 in Gallup, 37% of the voters believed that some houses in America are haunted while 33% of the voters believed in existence of ghosts. Interestingly, many are making a hobby out of search for ghosts. You decide if ghosts are real or not?

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The existence of ghosts only manifests the controversial phenomenon of life after death. Arguably, the specifications of this phenomenon vary across different social cultural groups. Generally, ghost, are believed to be soulless spirits of deceased people or animals wondering the world of the living. According to some people, the existence of these spirits is a comfort for them. They feel protected by their loving yet departed relatives.
However, some believe systems do not allow for the lingering spirits of the dead. For some people, even the knowledge of the existence of such spirits causes fear and discomfort. To them, the disruptive ghosts are evil spirits. Such ghosts are known as poltergeists.

Science disagrees with the idea and the existence of ghosts
Although the idea about the existence of ghosts spawns through ancient history and religions, science seems to suggest otherwise. Even with the vivid personal experiences with ghosts, science tends to sideline such evidence by explaining this phenomenon using logic. Logic and science only cast an element of doubt to any evidence about the existence of ghosts. For instance, if the soulless spirit of unavenge deaths were wondering the world of the living, then why have they not helped the police bring to justice the killers? Well, even if they have or are helping the justice system, logic could still cast a cloud of doubt to sideline any such evidence.
Unfortunately, religion and science have not agreed upon a common definition regarding ghosts. Some cultures suggest that ghosts are soulless spirits of the dead wandering the world of the living by choice or otherwise. Some suggests that experiences with ghosts are but telepathic communication that the living makes with the spiritual world. Well, some suggest that ghosts are the spirits of the dead who, for some reason get lot on their way to spirit designed destination.
Interestingly, with the ever growing curiosity about ghosts, many ghost hunters and researchers have categorized ghosts. Such categories include shadow people, poltergeist, intelligent spirits and residual haunting.

Why some existence of spirit is popular
Many believe systems have theologies that explain the ever contradictory spiritual concept of life after death. It is for this reason that ghost are popular even in the 21 century. Even popular scientists like Albert Einstein tried explaining the concept of existence of if ghosts are real. Even with the popularity of ghosts, the existing evidence is not any popular as it was in the past. In fact, it remains skeptical as it was in the past.

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