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This Backwards Home Run Swing You Will Never See Ever Again

Hitting a home run is hard enough, but can you imagine hitting a homer with a backwards swing? No way, too dang hard and damn near impossible. It will and can never been done! Well, I guess cows do fly nowadays because when you have been a fan of baseball long enough, they say when you think you have seen it all, is when you see something so bizarre on the baseball field it will leave you shaking your head once again. This has to be the most bizarre home run in the history of either softball, baseball or any sport that involves a round cylinder ball that is not stationary.

Check out Renaud Lefort, who was the batter, set up in the right-hander’s batting box for Montreal’s Les 4 Chevaliers. The batting stance was normal and everything else. Except for one thing, his back was facing the plate. Meaning it looks like he had a little too many drinks before the game and he decide to make a joke out of it, until the inevitable happens.
Well, not only did he manage to put the ball in play, but he hit the damn baseball out of the freaking park. Can it be? Is this possible? Like I said, I guess cows fly in this day and age!!! Take a look at the craziest 3-run homer you have ever seen in your life. I guarantee it…
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Via: Sport Highlights
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