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Watch Terrell Owens Ride Back To The Future HoverBoard

Known as the HUVr was launched online around March 2014. This online campaign began with bizarre video clips from testimonials from all types of celebrities including Moby, Skateboard legend Tony Hawk, Former NFL Superstar Terrell Owens and the very own Christopher Lloyd who is the elaborate inventor in the Back To The Future movie. The biggest controversy with these HoverBoards is deciding are hoverboards real or not? Take a glance and decide for yourself.


The mystery group behind all of this drama is calling themselves the HUVr Corp. HUVr is a technology company which claims they have developed the technology that emulates the same HoverBoard seen on the Back To The Future movie. It was in March 2014 when the company released two videos via youtube and they instantly became a viral hit. Later on the company revealed the HoverBoard was indeed a hoax. Even though the company believes in do time this invention will do exactly as they demonstrated on these videos. So why are all these celebrities participating in this hoax? That’s the answer we all are waiting for.


Proof With Billy Zane That The HoverBoard Is Fake. This Video Shows An Up Close Look At This Invention.


Other high profile companies like Mashable seems to have proof of this hoax. That the funny video website Funny Or Die is behind all of the mystery of these viral videos. Despite all of the proof and evidence that the HoverBoards are not real, HUVr still insists that these videos are not fake and nobody is being fooled. Even if Funny Or Die website also claimed the video is theirs and indeed is a hoax. Until then we may still dream big!


Close Up Pics Of Real HoverBoards.

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