Apple To Showcase Latest Tools At The 2014 WWDC

Apple To Showcase Latest Tools

All attention will be turning to San Francisco come Monday when Apple will be show casting its latest tools by developers in its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC. It is expected that developers from Apples will display the latest technologies as used in the production of their latest products available for millions of customers across the globe.

In the hope of gaining great insight in the otherwise secretive software developments in Apple, it is expected that the conference will be graced by the thousands of developers from across the globe. Equally, expected presentations in this annual conference will include cryptic sessions which are yet to be in the public domain.

Usually, the secretive style as used by Apple in the planning of their yearly 5-day Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, makes it challenging for most people to make accurate predictions about what is to be covered in the sessions. However, charging from the latest trends and developments, particular topics are highly likely to be discussed in the conference. Such probable topics are discussed briefly below.

It is highly likely that this year’s conference will be used as a launching platform for Apple’s next product. Interestingly, many rumors have been passed to the consumer public that Apple is planning to produce the iWatch product. However, these rumors will only be confirmed or rejected during the 5 day even.

It is however important to note that Apples’ annual conference is usually a software driven event supported by the CEO. In that regard, it is expected that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple will officially open the conference by address the audience at about 10 AM. He is likely to be joined by Dr Dre, the famous rap artist and cofounder of Beats Electronics, Apples’ $3 billion recent acquisition.

Recent report indicate that Apple may be planning to launch its new software that turns Apple products like iPads and iPads into remote control. The software could aid users in managing security systems and lighting systems among other household appliances just from an Apple phone. Interestingly, Apple may have entered this market a bit late since her rival have hit the market hard. For instance, Google and Samsung launched, recently, internet enabled washing machines, smart thermostats and fridges. To share in the booming market, Apple on its part has brought competition directly to the doorsteps of her rivals by introducing the Apple TV digital media player. With such groundwork, it is likely that Apple will concentrate her efforts in the automation of homes in the coming few years.
The updated operating system for the Apple products is one other topical issue likely to be addressed in the 5 day event. iPhone’s iOS 8 and the Mac’s OS X operating systems may be discussed further considering many changes have occurred in the recent past. For instance, if the development of iOS 7 takes center stage then according to Ben Wood, introduction of new capabilities is likely to be given priority. Ben Wood is Head of Research at CCS Insight.

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