Watch What Happens When These Group Of 50 People Were Asked To Get In This Balloon Room

Helping yourself is forgiving yourself for all the mistakes you have made in your life. Even if you are afraid of acknowledging it, helping yourself is telling people what you need. It is in the times you want to dwell on a problem, is maybe the time to let it go no matter how hard it is to do. it is taking full responsibility even though it was someone else’s fault at the time. It’s allowing yourself to dream, then attaining the dream. It’s allowing yourself to live life you always wanted, only when we are able to stop focusing on OURSELVES.


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T Sledge

Psychology Degree at Long beach State and a retired Ex-major leaguer who is always looking for more. I am a free lance journalist as a hobby in having the dream of inspiring someone in need. i encourage all different types of journalists in placing their passion of words throughout the site.

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