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10 Worst Cities To Live In You May Have Never Known

10 Worst Cities To Live In

Would you know what were the 10 worst cities to live in? Drug Traffic, poverty and corruption made many tourists’ destinations dangerous. There are many places avoided by tourists that want to spend their free time on a sunny beach. Here are some of the most dangerous places in the world, places where nobody wants to live, and where you can think about a vacation only if you want to risk your life.

Travelling is a good idea sometimes, but not all the cities of the world look like in brochures. Many cities have their problems, but some of them are really dangerous. Let’s see why.

1. Barquisimeto, Venezuela
The city has about one million inhabitants, but 57 people die every day because of crime. Barquisimeto is an important student’s center, and it was a great tourist destination for decades.

2. Peshawar, Pakistan
Pakistan is not a touristic destination; you can be sure about that. Despite the efforts of Americans and allies, the city is still dangerous. Even if it has some great attractions, the numerous bomb attacks make it one of the most dangerous in the world.

3. Sana’a, Yemen
Yemen is a place of political instability and crime. If you want to risk anyway, you can visit the old center of the city, where you will find some buildings with an incredible architecture.

4. Acapulco, Mexico
It is indeed one of the luxurious tourist’s destinations of the world, but if you have the courage to get out of the places populated by tourists, you will discover a completely different country that you will not like that much. The drug cartels increased their power in this area lately, and criminality has grown exponentially.

5. Central District, Honduras
The region is formed of three cities, and it is dangerous because of poverty and corruption that helped the creation of Mafia groups

6. Maceio, Brazil
About 150 people out of 100 000 are killed every year in the Brazilian city. Maceio is even more dangerous than Rio de Janeiro, known for the “favelas” where the rules are made by the drug dealers.

7. Mogadishu, Somalia
The Shabaab militants are the rulers of the city, and one of the reasons for which it is forbidden for tourists. The United States refused to intervene here, but they changed the policy a few years ago. Despite the foreign aid, it is still one of the most dangerous locations in the world.

8. Nairobi, Kenya
The city is dangerous especially for women, and those must not walk on the streets alone during the night.

9. Chihuahua, Mexico
Chihuahua is on the route for drug traffic between USA and Mexico, being one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Armed confrontations on the streets are common, and innocent people are caught up in the fire.

10. Cali, Columbia
80 out of 100 000 people die every year in Cali, because of the violence between rival drug cartels. The city has a high crime rate, and the authorities are incapable of keeping up. Moreover, they are even a part of this ravaging phenomenon. It would be hard to argue what city is the worst city to live in. You might have to make that decision.

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